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Zimorowicz – Sielanki p 362

Thou lovely sweet sweet Zephir, crossing the middle of the Ukraine
Do not forget to salute my Marina
Do not forget, with thy tender whisper of thy breath
To sing her this song, in low voice to her ear.

"Wherefore are thou so fond, I wonder, my lovely maid
To dwell far-off in these unlovely regions?
And does not feel to Leopol's splendid palaces
The least eager longings

Do you not recollect that Alcove with a favourable window
Wherefrom thou didst espy me with an anxious eye.
And through which I my sighs soared to thee –
That window is now mourning they absence.

For thy sake, the fresh and vigorous flowers of my garden
Sorrowful to excess, have wrinkled sadly their forhead
For thy sake the blooming Lilacs and Nosegales have lost their colour.
And my Orchard has lost its fruit without ripeness.

Well then! lovely maid, let us see thy face
On Whose paramount beauty always to admire gaze, not only my Village palace
But even the Roxolama's CapitalX, with double fort (fortress)
Is not held always worth, (is not always permitted to gaze.)

Behold how the Towers expect thee with longing
How the Lion XX) who stands a watchful centenel on its height
Expecting thy arsenal, looks to on all sides sleepless day night and day
Looks constantly on all sides

Haste then, haste, and make us happy.
Here await thee courtly jokes, and courtly smiles
Feasts in halls and loitering walks (promenades)
And courtly societies, so are becoming fair maidens.

X Roxolania is Red-Russia. Her Capital is Leopold called so from Leo Quaker of that part of country; who was its founder.
XX Lion – arms of Leopold.

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