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and so that from that moment he remained
his eye & soul fixed on Halina. He entered the
the room to dance gaily – he was welcomed by the youth
with goblets in hand – the the Starost (Lord of the feast)
whom thus conveys his will: 'Allow the precedence
to the stranger. Allow him to be first to dance.
Let him sing as he will to the fiddle. Let him
choose the maid for we must be civil to strangers.

Wiesƚaw took the bridsemaid whose magic
beauty turned his eyes on her. He proceeded went into
the arch, took a place before the musicians – the
fair Halina gave him her hand – behind him
other youth followed in a long row. They sieze
& strike their still tells.

Wiestaw put his hands into her girdle & with
A light step danced before the lovely Halina. He
threw money most generously into the brass viol
made a bow to the seated elders as became him
– struck the ground with his foot – bowed his
head & thus began to sing:

Let me rather not live
Lovely maid! my treasure
Never another sigh eye
Will be lovelier than thine

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Long I went to trace her in villages & woods
But she vanished in air like a stone thrown into the sea

And all the environs were silent about her.
Every year the villagers came to gather harvest
But I shall never see my child. But let
heavens will be heavens raised! In her stead my
son, I have educated thee, for where an orphan
finds protection thither heaven sends consoling blessing.
Perhaps my lost & abandoned daughter will also find pity
elsewhere – & may live under the eye of a mother
in the midst of her children. With this feeling after
the loss of parents I have educated thee in my
humble abode! Mercy for ! Heaven's propitious
rewards the loved deeds of man in unseen ways & should
the earth cover her in her grave her soul freed plays
in the thus regions of futurity in the bosom of the
heavenly motherx x Virgin Mary – and from heaven by her prayers sends happiness

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