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emblematic of softness sweetness care & labor.'

The mother reached the goblet. John's speech
pleased every body – for God had endowed him
with a great understanding. He had united
many families by marriage – at every wedding
he was the Starost & the children of many houses
called him 'Godfather' – whence wherever he appears
as a guest, he is welcomed – & every abode is his family.
Wiesƚaw poured liquid honeyx x Mead is a national beverage of the Poles & has been for many centuries. The best is made in the into the rich round goblet. 'Take
this drink' he said 'from a strange orchard fair
Halina, for my heart desires thee all the sweets
of life.' At this Halina with enquiring eye
looked on her mother, – turning away from the guests
while a white apron covered her fair The Polish peasants always turn away from their necessities and cover their face while they drink in the presence of others. & she tasted the beverage
Wiesƚaw drank the rest to the bottom and Halina
like a serene summer dawn brightened with a

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round. The face of Halina was wonderfully
lighted with joy. She spoke more sportfully & boldly
They crossed the planks & the brush wood. The
sounds of the shepherds were heard on the meadows
which singularly pleased her ear – So her dear
Wiesƚaw sang at the wedding (the descripter of a plank)

John looked on her face eagerly to ascertain if this
neighborhood were known to her. Meanwhile the church
bell from the church tower pealed to vespers over
the dew. Poland dew In warm devotion all fall on their
knees & Halina's face was bathed in the colors of
the setting sun looked like the face of an Angel.
She could not restrain an unutterable longing. The
sound of the bell seemed to call away her thoughts to
misterious reveries & sweet grief pressed tear
drops on her cheeks. They went on till they mounted
a high hill. Only one meadow was between them
and the village, from which the young sphepherds
in lines drove the cows cattle & flocks thro' over the bridge

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