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does not waste. God blesses their industry & order
The black earth soil produces rich wheat – the fleecy
sheep whiten the fields. The numerous cattle in the ordered
stalls and four horses bring produce to Cracow – On
thou behest I come hither. Wiesƚaw lately saw Halina
here as you know, and did not conceal it to his parents
that he lost his heart in hers." To this Stanislaus
said Thou art the only Son of my house
If she promise thee her love – if thou experience
the good will of her family for it (p.15)
Their words mother, I truly report & being entreated
I entreat thee for thy daughter. May God unite
Good with good! I will eulogize the youth before
his own eyes. Praise, tho' deserved is dangerous
and better it were that the young should place not hear
praises from others lips. Often they think
untimely that they obtain their end. When are
praised they spurn counsel reproof – tho' laborious, tho' openly
modest at home was Wiesƚaw still in secret he
was roguish Szpak – a starling. prov: for a gold, noisy fellow. He would even cross the way to

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At this a tears fell sprung from Halina's eye
She knelt before her mother & embraced her knees
'(Dear mother– & mother thou art my dower of happiness)
Tho' mountains of gold were offered, tho' I were to inhabit a
painted castle, and wear had a full wardrobe of silk
dresses, still my life without thee would be a life of tears'

So they embraced each other in silent tears. That the
prudent John preserved a joy for them & His
impassioned words would speak – his Soul was
full of struggling & mighty thoughts – but the
marks on his countenance betrayed his joy.

Wiesƚaw too would speak but John silenced
him – & thus said: All-important thoughts reveal
themselves to my mind. A God governs human
affairs – To him be eternal glory. Thou & landlady
Do, what I say, confiding – for my counsel is
sincere & from the heart. Engage Borrow horses & a
carriage from your neighbour & we will
liberally repay the service – for we all must

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