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– a religion which has been the hand-maid of every thing that is
profligate, – corrupt & despotic – the religion of priest-craft & of
Kingcraft – the religion of ecclesiastical & civil tyranny. Is this
christianity? Again & again I answer No! This is the religion
which is indeed of this world: by which men may ascend to posts of
power – to high places – even to set upon thrones – to wear crowns &
to brandish sceptres – but not such is the religion of Jesus – His Kingdom
is not of this world. It Try you proud & ambitious prelate by the
act of him he calls his master – Try him, – try him – if you dare.
Weigh him in the balance – & put in his reverence's robes of purple – his mitre
& his crosier: or enough stop him for a moment when he waits upon the steps – of royalty
when he walks within the palaces of Kings. Is he not – answer
fearlessly – is he not the representative of a religion "whose yoke is
easy & whose burthen light?"

But it was not this consideration that brought about the
change at Geneva – the Calvin, was, in truth, a pretty model of impatient
despotism. Geneva has been standing for half a century in the midst of
perils. The thunderings & the lightenings of infidelity have been rolling above & around
it her – it How could they be withstood, in such an edifice as Calvinism?
but the question was asked – Is this religion so pervious to attack – is
this religion the religion of Jesus – of the gospel – of Is this Christianity
What a consolation – what a comfort to be able to answer No!
The enlightened ministers at Geneva answered No!

In 1810 the party which arrogates to itself the
right of deciding what & how a man may must believe began to be
alarmed at the state of free inquiry at Geneva & the tendency from orthodoxy

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