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to be worked on & to work with for the German enthusiast. She gathered
them around her, – placed a young student, called Empeylaz at their head
& sent them forth to labor in the vineyard. He is a man of warm &
eager & she found him resceptible of th prepared to receive as much of the spirit of
fanaticism as she deemed necessary for her plans. The gentleman who
was requested to remonstrate with Mr. E induced him to promise that he
would abstain from throwing the fire-brands of dissention – a promise
repeated before an assembly of ministers – but broken as soon as made
The same steps were taken with his theological associates & with
the same effect. As far as the charges went to impugn the orthodoxy
of the majority of the ministers of Geneva, they were undoubtedly true
& it would have been wiser & better on the part of these ministers openly
to declare that their convictions had changed on many of the points
of religious opinions. Not that these rash young men had any
authority to call their elders to the bar of their jugement, or to make
their cries conduct the subject of animadversion or attack. The majority
of the ministers certainly mistook the character of religious zeal as
enthusiasm, when they believed it could be easily & silently extinguished.

It is a raging fire to which opposition gives fuel. On the 24 Decr 1813
the Consistory decreed that any students after being exhorted by
the Company of Pastors not
who shall continue to frequent any religious assembly, not
approved by the Company of Pastors, after being exhorted by them to
abandon it, shall not be al consecrated for the ministry & that
a promise should be required from every minister at the time of
his consecration to abstain "from a sectarian spirit – to avoid every
thing which should lead to schism & or destroy the Union of the Church."

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