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As yet these circumstances had made little impression, till Mr. Empeylaz
who had been installed president of the Orthodox assemblies, became the
first subject individual to which the ordinance was applied. He then fled to Madame
Krudener – & was with her driven from place to place by the police.
He next published a tract entitled "Considerations on the divinity of J.C."
in which he endeavored to destroy the confidence & the affections of the
students towards their Genevan professors:- but in vain, for they on
this occasion themselves came forward expressing their confession repent, their
attachment & their satisfaction.

But in 1817 Mr. Haldane gathered round him what existed of discontent several young ministers
And the majority of the Theological students. He talked to them of
the mysteries & abstruse points of his Religion – spoke of his own creed as the
only true genuine Christianity – & gave vague hints as to the necessity of separating
from those who hold different or contrary opinions. The tests of Reason & intellectual
examination he affected to despise & on one occasion one of his young
pupils said "I see that in theological matters reason must be trampled
under foot" – That young man was Mr. Merle, now of Hamburg, & he
is said to use the privilege manfully. The inability of works – that
favorite & fatalfoolish doctrine – became one of his Mr. H's favor constant
themes – & as soon as when he quitted the field he left a number of tracts
inculcating this dogma & impeaching the faith of the Geneva clergy.
Mr Drummond succeeded Mr Haldane, – with more wealth & less poor temper. He at once declared open war. He summoned the ministers
at once to give an account, to hear of their faith. He denounced them
publicly as impious blasphemers – he sent his strictures & his
animadversions direct to the Company of Ministers. He invited their
congregations to abandon them – & placed himself at the head of
the schismatics for this noble & laudable end. This was no doubt a
fit & a christian return for the hospitality he had received at Geneva

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