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A new auxiliary was found in the person of Mr
Cellérier Senr. who after 30 years of tranquility dashed into the vortex
of the polemics & from his professor's chair attacked those whose
opinions differed from his own. He is supposed to have been led to
this by the influence of M. Gaussen a fiery but able young man in
whom the unqualified praises of the "evangelical" party have been showered.
Mr. Heyer replied to Mr. C. – & to prevent the Theological Chair
from becoming the Arena of religious war the Compagnie on the
3d May decreed prohibited preaching "unigulment & polemique meus"
upon the points in dispute. Then it was that Mr Bort published
his Genève Religieuse, which is said to be full of error & untruth:
& of a purchased advocate, whose life had not been
such as to give him moral force devoted what remained of it to
calumny & slanders. He was accused before the Tribunals & sentenced
as a slanderer, – but death removed him from his punishment.
This man however was supported by the English "Evangelical"
party, – who have scattered among Madame Krudener's
followers, & built a new church at Geneva. In the accounts
printed by the foreign Missionary Society of London it would
appear that £259 pr. ann: have been disbursed at Geneva. It is fit the
subscribers should know to what noble purpose their money is
applied. The content saturation of Geneva makes it a most important
central point for the circulation of in the circulation whence of books, or missionaries may depart to
Italy, Switzerland, France & Germany. It was, too, the Seat
of Calvin's glories – & here then the Spirit of proselytism hopes
to establish its head quarters & if that Spirit were of a generous

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