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even of a gentle character who would not bid it God speed
& believe the shock of opinions – & their friendly discussion might &
must send to the progress of truth & christianity – but such agents
as it has employed at Geneva are neither "wise as Serpents nor
harmless as doves" – they are not "sheep among ravening wolves" – but – May they study better their masters' rates lessons, & we may
be spared the making out the bill of accusation!

In the statements made by some of the displaced ministers
& in the documents they have published the "Compagnie" affirm
that there are many intentional errors & omission. M. Madan who
has printed what he calls the papers connected with his destitution has
omitted left out the most effectual of all, & among them the decree of the
Counsel of State which broke him for disobedience. These decrees I
cannot justify – they savour of persecution. M. M went to England
where he was generously received – subscriptions were collected in his
favor – new pamphlets were published, & money was raised for the
erection of a Chapel at Geneva where he now preaches, but has not yet
administered the Sacrament.

It turns out the English Missionary Society has constantly
an agent residing in Geneva. Let him discuss the differences of opinions
calmly & moderately & sensibly. Let him show that the bible teaches
that Calvinism which is is employed to disseminate – but let him not
indulge in censures on those he cannot convince – let him not let up his
faith as the only standard of purity – Let him listen as well as preach
& no harm will be done to the cause of truth – & no wounds will be
given to the spirit of benevolence.

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