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He was:– as if & thus immoveable
Earth His last cast sigh was heaving is wasted given
There lies in the sport, neglected there
Which heaved with breath so of heaven

So startled, – so astonished
Earth hears the announcement now
Mute, – all my thoughts concentrated
On that proud Spirits dying, –
When And never shall the awful vestiges

Of mortal footsteps applying flying
The bloody dust O'er To earth's stained soil of goreness
read on its Rapturous Triumph Stardust below
I saw him the on the plenitude

Of glory – Silence bound me –
He fell, he rose – he perished –
A thousand voices round me
A thousand voices Their slavish tones were echoing –
I passed in silence by.
I bought no Pure from all slavish offering –
No All coward outrage – frighted
By When such a flame so speedily
So marvellously was benighted –

And o'er Around, his I'll consecrate
A song which shall may not die.</p
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<p>The Alpine hills – the pyramids
The Rhine – the Manzanares Elvo & Rhine so hoary
Struck by his the dreadful thunderbolt
He wielded in his glory
From Scilla to the Tanards
From th' East to the Western Sea

Was it true glory? History Awards the wreaths of merit That sentence shall inherit
We bow our heads in reverence
To that creating spirit
Which filled him with its
In an o'er flowing flood such immensity
The stormy & the tremendous
Joy of a mighty some mighty scheming
The stubborn hearts anxiety
Of boundless empire dreaming –
And all those plans accomplished –
I Who should have thought it? - None
With all he coped; – thro' gloominess
Shone glory's hour of gladness –
Empire – & flight – & victory
And exiles' day of sadness
Twice in the dust extinguished
And twice upon the throne.

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