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Proposal17 March, 1792. For a new and less expensive mode of employing and reforming Convicts.

The author, having turned his thoughts to the Penitentiary System from
its first origin, and having lately contrived a building in which any number of persons
may be kept within the reach of being inspected during every moment of
their lives, and having made out as he flatters himself to demonstration, that
the only eligible mode of managing an establishment of such a nature, in a
building of such a construction would be by contract, has been induced to m
public the following proposal for maintaining and employing convicts in general,
or such of them as would otherwise be confined on board the Hulks, for 25 per
Cent less than it costs Government to maintain them there at present; deducting
also the average value of the work at present performed by them for Government:
upon the terms of his receiving the produce of their labour, taking on himself
the whole expence of building, without any advance to be made by Government
for that purpose, requiring only that the abatement and deduction abovementioned
shall be suspended for the first year.

Upon the abovementioned terms he would engage as follows
1st. To furnish the Prisoners with a constant supply of wholesome food, not
limited in quantity , but adequate to each man's desires.

2nd. To keep them clad in a state of tightness and neatness, superior to what
is usual among the lower classes or even in the improved prisons.

3rd. To keep them supplied with separate beds and bedding, competent to
their situation , and in a state of cleanliness scarce any where conjoined with

4th. To insure to them a sufficient supply of artificial warmth and light,
whenever the season renders it necessary, and thereby preserve them from being
obliged as in other places, to desist from their work, as well as from suffering
from the inclemency of the weather.

5th. To keep constantly from them, in conformity to the practice so happily received

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