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This Box contains a great deal of material relating to Bentham's Panopticon proposals, dating from c.1791 to 1823. Much of the material is written by one of Bentham's scribes as a fair copy, and new users or those wishing to familiarise themselves with the language of the period and the text-encoding system may wish to select a manuscript from this box.

Many pages in this box are printed, and unless they contain annotations, have been locked for editing as they contain duplicates of material already held in the Bentham Project offices.

The material includes:

  • Folios 1-5: 'Proposal for maintaining and employing convicts in a new invented building in which they will be universally subject to uninterrupted inspection (Bentham's hand, c.1791)
  • Folios 6-32: 'Proposal for the new and less expensive mode of employing and reforming convicts' (several drafts, mostly in a scribe's hand; folios 18-32 are printed; c.1792)
  • Folios 33-39: financial arrangements (c.1792)
  • Folios 40-42: Panopticon bill (1794)
  • Folios 46-64: Treasury contract with Bentham (1795)
  • Folios 65-142: financial arrangements; dealings with the Treasury; correspondence with government. FOlio 89 contains a copy of the Royal Warrant assigning money to Bentham to prepare the prison's construction (several hands, 1795-1798)
  • Folios 143-145: conclusion of Bentham's proposal for 'pauper Panopticons' (Bentham's hand, c.1809)
  • Folios 146-153: 'On the Penitentiary for Place', a historical sketch of the Panopticon for his friend, Francis Place (Bentham's hand, 1823)
  • Folio 154-156: Printed title page and contents of 1791 edition of Panopticon, and two advertisements to manufacturers from 1795
  • Folio 157: Printed copy of 43 Geo. III, ch.XV, the 1802 Transportation Act
  • Folio 158: First and Second Reports from the Committee on the laws relating to Penitentiary Houses. House of Commons papers 199 and 217 (1811)

Folios from box 115 which have already been partially or fully transcribed are listed under the progress bar below.

Box 115 Progress: Transcription begun

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Ready For Review: 11
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Total: 455

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JB/115/001/001 JB/115/001/002 JB/115/001/003 JB/115/001/004 JB/115/002/001 JB/115/002/002 JB/115/003/001 JB/115/003/002 JB/115/004/001 JB/115/004/002 JB/115/005/001 JB/115/006/001 JB/115/006/002 JB/115/006/003 JB/115/006/004 JB/115/007/001 JB/115/007/002 JB/115/007/003 JB/115/007/004 JB/115/008/001 JB/115/008/002 JB/115/008/003 JB/115/009/001 JB/115/009/002 JB/115/009/003 JB/115/009/004 JB/115/010/001 JB/115/010/002 JB/115/011/001 JB/115/011/002 JB/115/012/001 JB/115/012/002 JB/115/013/001 JB/115/013/002 JB/115/014/001 JB/115/014/002 JB/115/015/001 JB/115/016/001 JB/115/016/002 JB/115/016/003 JB/115/016/004 JB/115/017/001 JB/115/017/002 JB/115/017/003 JB/115/018/001 JB/115/018/002‎ JB/115/018/003 JB/115/019/001 JB/115/019/002 JB/115/019/003 JB/115/019/004 JB/115/020/003 JB/115/020/004 JB/115/023/004 JB/115/024/001 JB/115/024/002 JB/115/024/003 JB/115/024/004 JB/115/025/001 JB/115/030/001‎ JB/115/030/002 JB/115/030/003 JB/115/031/001 JB/115/031/002 JB/115/031/003 JB/115/031/004‎ JB/115/033/001 JB/115/033/002 JB/115/034/001 JB/115/035/001 JB/115/036/001 JB/115/037/001 JB/115/038/001 JB/115/039/001 JB/115/039/002 JB/115/041/001 JB/115/042/001 JB/115/042/002 JB/115/046/001 JB/115/046/002 JB/115/046/003‎ JB/115/046/004‎ JB/115/047/001 JB/115/047/002‎ JB/115/048/001‎ JB/115/048/002‎ JB/115/049/001‎ JB/115/049/002 JB/115/049/003‎ JB/115/050/001 JB/115/050/002 JB/115/051/001 JB/115/051/002 JB/115/051/003JB/115/052/001‎ JB/115/053/001‎ JB/115/054/001 JB/115/055/001 JB/115/056/001‎ JB/115/057/001‎ JB/115/058/001 JB/115/059/001 JB/115/060/001 JB/115/061/001 JB/115/062/001 JB/115/063/002 JB/115/064/001 JB/115/064/002 JB/115/065/001 JB/115/065/002 JB/115/065/003 JB/115/065/004 JB/115/066/001 JB/115/067/001 JB/115/067/002 JB/115/067/003 JB/115/067/004 JB/115/068/001 JB/115/068/002 JB/115/068/003 JB/115/068/004 JB/115/069/001 JB/115/069/002 JB/115/070/001 JB/115/070/002 JB/115/071/001 JB/115/071/002 JB/115/072/001 JB/115/072/002 JB/115/072/003 JB/115/072/004 JB/115/073/001 JB/115/073/002 JB/115/074/001 JB/115/074/002 JB/115/075/001 JB/115/075/002 JB/115/075/003 JB/115/075/004 JB/115/076/001 JB/115/076/002 JB/115/076/003 JB/115/076/004 JB/115/077/001 JB/115/077/002 JB/115/077/003 JB/115/077/004 JB/115/078/001 JB/115/078/002 JB/115/079/001 JB/115/079/002 JB/115/080/001 JB/115/081/001 JB/115/080/002 JB/115/080/003 JB/115/080/004 JB/115/081/002 JB/115/082/001 JB/115/082/002 JB/115/082/003 JB/115/082/004 JB/115/083/001 JB/115/083/002 JB/115/083/003 JB/115/084/001 JB/115/084/002 JB/115/084/003 JB/115/084/004 JB/115/085/001 JB/115/085/002 JB/115/085/003 JB/115/085/004 JB/115/086/001 JB/115/086/002 JB/115/086/003 JB/115/086/004 JB/115/087/001 JB/115/087/002 JB/115/087/003 JB/115/087/004 JB/115/089/001 JB/115/089/002 JB/115/090/001 JB/115/091/001 JB/115/092/001 JB/115/092/002 JB/115/093/001 JB/115/094/001 JB/115/095/001 JB/115/096/001 JB/115/097/001 JB/115/097/002 JB/115/098/001 JB/115/099/001 JB/115/100/001 JB/115/100/002 JB/115/101/001 JB/115/101/002 JB/115/101/003 JB/115/101/004 JB/115/102/001 JB/115/102/002 JB/115/102/003 JB/115/103/001JB/115/104/001 JB/115/105/001 JB/115/106/001 JB/115/107/001 JB/115/107/002 JB/115/107/003 JB/115/108/001 JB/115/108/002 JB/115/108/003 JB/115/108/004 JB/115/109/001 JB/115/110/001 JB/115/110/002 JB/115/110/003 JB/115/110/004 JB/115/111/001 JB/115/111/002 JB/115/111/003 JB/115/111/004 JB/115/112/001 JB/115/112/002 JB/115/112/003 JB/115/112/004 JB/115/113/001 JB/115/114/001 JB/115/115/001 JB/115/116/001 JB/115/117/001 JB/115/118/001 JB/115/119/001 JB/115/120/001 JB/115/121/001 JB/115/122/001 JB/115/123/001 JB/115/124/001 JB/115/125/001 JB/115/126/001 JB/115/127/001 JB/115/127/002 JB/115/128/001 JB/115/129/001 JB/115/130/001 JB/115/131/001 JB/115/131/002 JB/115/132/001 JB/115/133/001 JB/115/134/001 JB/115/134/002 JB/115/134/003 JB/115/135/001 JB/115/135/002 JB/115/136/001 JB/115/137/001 JB/115/138/001 JB/115/139/001 JB/115/140/001 JB/115/141/001 JB/115/142/001 JB/115/142/002 JB/115/143/001 JB/115/144/001 JB/115/145/001 JB/115/146/001 JB/115/147/001 JB/115/148/001‎ JB/115/149/001 JB/115/150/001 JB/115/151/001 JB/115/152/001 JB/115/153/001 JB/115/153/002 JB/115/154/001 JB/115/154/002 JB/115/158/001

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