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received, every kind of strong and spiritous liquor, unless where ordered in the way of medicine.

6th. To maintain them in a state of inviolable though mitigated seclusion ,
in small assorted companies, without any of those opportunities of promiscuous association, which in other improved prisons disturb if not distroy whatever good effect
can have been expected from solitude.

7th. To give them an interest in their work by allowing them a share in
the produce.

8th. To convert the prison into a school, and by an extended application
of the principle of the Sunday Schools, to return its inhabitants into the
world, instructed, at least as well as in ordinary Schools, in the common and
most useful branches of vulgar learning, as well as in some trade or occupation
whereby they may afterwrds earn their livelihood. Extraordinary culture
of extraordinary talents is not in this point of view worth mentioning : it would
be for his own advantage to give them every instruction by which the value
of their labour may be encreased.

9th. To pay a penal sum for every escape, with or without any default of his,
irresistible violence from without excepted : and this without employing irons
on any occasion, or in any shape.

10th. To provide them with spiritual and medical assistants constantly
living in the midst of them, and incessantly keeping them in view.

11th. To pay a sum of money for every one who dies under his care , taking
thereby upon him the insurance of their lives for an ordinary premium : and that
at a rate grounded on an average of the number of deaths, not among imprisoned
felons, but among persons of the same ages in a state of liberty within the Bills of

12 To lay for them the foundation stone of a provision for old age,
upon the plan of the Annuity-Societies.

13th To insure to them a livelihood at the expiration of their terms :
by setting up a subsidiary establishment into which all such as thought proper should
be admitted, and in which they would be continued in the exercise of the trades i
which they were employed during their confinement without any farther pence
to Government.

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