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Panopticon Convict Proposal 1793

to be paid immeditely on conviction, and to be applied
to the indemnification of the persons injured by such subsequent offence, and to be equal
in amount to the value of the injury, so long as
it did not exceed not the sums respectively above specified. Provided that this <add>obligation shall not begin till the establishment has been in foot two years</add>

15th. To present to the Court of King's Bench on a
certain day of every term, and afterwards, print
and publish at his own expence, a Report, exhibiting
in detail the whole state, not only moral and
medical, but economical, of the establishment : [+] [+] together with the economical state thereof,at least in so far as the public in behalf of the prisoners is interested therein
shewing the whole profits if any, and in what
manner they arise
 : and then and there, as
well as on any other day upon summary, from
the Court, [+]2 [+]2 or in time of vacation from the Chief Justice to make answer to all such questions
as shall be put to him in relation thereto, not only
on the part of the Court Officer of the Crown,
but by leave of the Court, on the part of any
person whatsoever : questions the answer to
which might tend to subject him to conviction
though it were for a capital crime, not excepted :
treading under foot a maxim invented
by the guilty for the benefit of the guilty,
and from which none but the guilty ever
derived any advantage.]

16 By neatness and cleanliness, by diversity of
employment, by variety of contrivance, and above
all, by that peculiarity of construction,
which, without any unpleasant or hazardous vicinity,
enables the whole establishment to be inspected
at a view, from a commodious and
insulated room in the center, the prisoners
remaining unconscious of their being thus observed,
it should be his study to render it a spectacle
such as persons of all classes would in
the way of amusement be curious to partake
of and that, not only on Sundays at the time of

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