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Panopticon Convict Proposal 1793 Supplemental Elucidations

Penetentiary Act 19. G. 3. C. 74. S. 12. The
value has been estimated by a Jury at

2. 2 Government to buy it. This Sum to be paid by the Treasury
immediately: the Land thereby to become
the Property of the Crown.

3. 3 Lease to Mr. B. with power of Purchase. Mr. Bentham to take a Lease of
the Ground for 99 years at a rack rent
apportioned to the purchase money:
the amount to be adjusted by competent Persons: with power to purchase
the Land whenever he may think proper
within the space of 10 years.

4. 4 Buildings at his expence. Buildings for 1000 Convicts to be
built at the sole expence of Mr Bentham.

5. 5 Number 1000 — Extra Sum - for 1st year - Government to advance by Instalments
£27000 to enable him to proceed
in the execution of his Plan, for which
he engages to take care of the 1000 Convicts // Note // Were the number to be under 1000 the advance for the first year could undergo very little reduction, as there would be so much the less to save from, while the expences of fortification, guarding, spiritual and medical assistance &c. &c. would be nearly the same.
for one year. This Sum of £27000 is
no more than equal to the expence
which it appears by the Report made to
the House of Commons the 16..th Dec.r 1778
had attended the keeping 1000 then in the
Hulks for the same time. By a recent
reduction made since Mr Bentham
gave in his first proposal, instead of
£27000 the expence is now but £21000.

6. 6 Reduced Sum for every other year.For the second year and thereafter
he engages to reduce the annual charge
to £12000: taking to himself however (as
before) the advantage of their labour,
which, according to Mr Duncan Campbells
Estimate of 1.s a day a man for some of
those under his care, and 9d a day for
others, taking also into the account
those to whom no employment has
been given, amounts (upon an average

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