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its commencement and its amount amount and to commence at a certain period; such amount
and such period to depend upon the amount of such portion
as abovementioned
and to be liquidated adjusted by two referees one to
be appointed on the part of the Crown and the other on
the part of the Proposer with power to appoint an Umpire.

12. A penal sum to the amount of £50 shall be paid
by the Proposer for every escape, with or without any default
of his
, irresistible violence from without excepted: the amount of
which forfeiture shall however be returned to him in case of

13. The lives of the Prisoners are to be insured by the Proposer
as follows. On the delivery of the Prisoners into his hands he shall be made Creditor for a
certain sum viz: £100 a head shall be advanced to him for in respect of such a
part of the whole number as in the common course of mortality
may be expected to die within the year: in consideration
of which he engages to pay shall be made Debtor for the said sum of £100 immediately
on the decease of every such Prisoner as within the said year
shall happen eventually to die+:+ the balance to be paid or received by him at the conclusion of the year the number for which he
shall be paid allowed as aforesaid to be determined by two referees or
an umpire as beforementioned, taking the London Bills of
Mortality for the standard. As for example if it be determined
that 1/50 part of the number (being 20 out of the 1000) ought
naturally to die, then the sum total of such premiums so to which
be advanced to him he shall be made Creditor for shall be £2,000: and the premium for
which he shall in the manner be made Creditor any and every supernumerary prisoner (to be paid on the
day of his consignment) shall be £2. and so in proportion
for any portion of time less than a year —
Petty's Polit. Arith. p 12. One dies yearly out of 30. So at Paris Young's France p. 465

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