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To make his inducements the more cogent for giving the and to bind his
utmost efficacy in his power attention the more forcibly to the reformatory part of his
management and even make amends in most instances for
any accident of its failure, he engages to pay a sum of money
for every prisoner convicted of a felony committed after
the expiration of his term at a rate increasing according
to the number of years he had been under the Proposer's
care: viz: a sum not exceeding £5 if one year : not
exceeding £10, if two years : not exceeding £15 if three
years: not exceeding £20, if four years : not exceeding £25
if five years and upwards : such sums to be paid into Court
immediately on conviction, to be applied to the indemnification
of the persons injured, and to be equal in amount to the
value of the injury, so long as it did not exceed the sums
respectively above specified. Provided that the obligation
shall not extend to more than one conviction of the
same offender, and that it shall not commence till the establishment
has been on foot two years - and that the offender's
annuity shall according to the a article be applicable pro larte to the Proposer's indemnification

The Proposer shall on the first day of every term present
to the Court of King's Bench, and immediately afterwards print
and publish at his own expence, a Report, exhibiting in detail
the whole state, moral and medical of the Establishment :
together with the economical state thereof at least in so far as
the Public in behalf of the Prisoners is interested therein. He
also engages then and there, as well as on any other day on
summons from the Court, or in time of vacation from the
Chief Justice, to make answer to all such questions as shall be

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