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IX. To pay a penal sum for every escape, with or without any default of his, irresistible
violence from without excepted; and this without employing irons on
any occasion, or in any shape.

X. To provide them with spiritual and medical Assistants, constantly living in the
midst of them and incessantly keeping them in view.

XI. To pay a sum of money for every one who dies under his care, taking thereby
upon him the insurance of their lives for an ordinary premium : and that at a
rate grounded on an average of the number of deaths, not among imprisoned
Felons, but among persons of the same ages in a state of liberty within the Bills
of Mortality.

XII. To lay for them the foundation-stone of a provision for old-age, upon the plan
of the Annuity Societies.

XIII. To insure to them a livelihood, at the expiration of their terms, by setting up a
Subsidiary Establishment, into which all such as thought proper, should be
admitted, and in which they would be continued in the exercise of the trades
in which they were employed during their confinement, without any further
expence to Government.

XIV. To make himself personally responsible for the reformatory efficacy of his management,
and even make amends, in most instances, for any accident of its
failure, by paying a sum of money for every Prisoner convicted of a Felony
after his discharge, at a rate, increasing according to the number of years he
had been under the Proposer's care, viz. a sum not exceeding 10l. if the
Prisoner had been in the Penitentiary Panopticon one year : not exceeding 15l.
if two years ; not exceeding 20l. if three years ; not exceeding 25l. if four
years ; not exceeding 30l. if five years or upwards : such sum to be paid immediately on conviction, and to be applied to the indemnification of the persons
injured by such subsequent offence, and to be equal in amount to the value of
the injury, so long as it did not exceed the sums respectively above specified.

XV. To present to the Court of King's Bench, on a certain day of every Term, and
afterwards print and publish, at his own expence, a Report, exhibiting, in detail,
the state, not only moral and medical, but economical, of the Establishment;
showing the whole profits, if any, and in what manner they arise ; and then and
there, as well as on any other day, upon summons from the Court, to make
answer to all such questions as shall be put to him in relation thereto, not only
on the part of the Court or Officer of the Crown, but, by leave of the Court,
on the part of any person whatsoever ; questions, the answer to which might
tend to subject him to conviction, though it were for a capital crime, not excepted :
treading under foot a maxim, invented by the guilty for the benefit of
the guilty, and from which none but the guilty ever derived any advantage.

XVI. By neatness and cleanliness, by diversity of employment, by variety of contrivance,
and above all, by that peculiarity of construction, which, without any
unpleasant or hazardous vicinity, enables the whole Establishment to be inspected at a view, from a commodious and insulated room in the centre,
the Prisoners remaining unconscious of their being thus observed, it should
be his study to render it a spectacle such as persons of all classes would, in
the way of amusement, be curious to partake of : and that, not only on
Sundays, at the time of Divine Service, but on ordinary days, at meal-times,
or times of work: providing thereby a system of superintendance, universal,
unchargeable and uninterrupted, the most effectual and indestructible of all
securities against abuse.

Such are the methods that have occurred to him for accomplishing that identification
of "interest with duty," the effectuating of which, in the person of the Governor, is declared
to be one of the leading objects of the Penitentiary Act.—[19 Geo. III. ch.74.]

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