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The station of Jailor is not in common account a very elevated one: the addition of Contractor
has not much tendency to raise it. He little dreamt, when he first launched in to the subject,
that he was to become a suitor, and perhaps in vain, for such an office. But inventions unpractised
might be in want of the inventor : and a situation, thus clipped of emoluments,
while it was loaded with obligations, might be in want of candidates. Penetrated, therefore,
with the importance of the end, he would not suffer himself to see anything unpleasant or
discreditable in the means.

OUTLINE of the Plan of Construction alluded to in the above Proposal.

THE Building circular —An Iron Cage, glazed—a Glass Lantern, about the size of Ranelagh—
The Prisoners, in their Cells, occupying the Circumference—The Officers, (Governor,
Chaplain, Surgeon. &c.) the Center.

By Blinds, and other contrivances, the Inspectors concealed (except in as far as they
think fit to show themselves) from the observation of the prisoners : hence the sentiment of
a sort of invisible omnipresence.—The whole circuit reviewable with little, or, if necessary,
without any, change of place.

One Station in the Inspection-Part affording the most perfect view of every Cell, and
every part of every Cell, unless where a screen is thought fit occasionally and purposely to
be interposed.

Against Fire (if, under a system of constant and universal inspection, any such accident could be to be apprehended), a pipe,
terminating in a flexible hose, for bringing the water down into the central Inspection Room, from a cistern, of a height sufficient
to force it up again by its own pressure, on the mere turning of a cock, and spread it thus over any part within the Building.

For Visitors, at the time of Divine Service, an Annular Gallery, rising from a floor laid
immediately on the ceiling of the Central Inspection-room, and disclosed to view, by the
descent of a central Dome, a superior surface of which serves, after descent, for the reception
of Ministers, Clerk, and a select part of the Auditory : the Prisoners all round,
brought forward, within perfect view and hearing of the Ministers, to the front of their respective Cells.

Solitude or limited Seclusion, ad libitum.—But, unless for punishment, limited seclusion in
assorted companies is preferred :—an arrangement, upon this plan alone, exempt from
danger. The degree of Seclusion fixed upon may be preserved, in all places, and at all times,
inviolate. Hitherto, where solitude has been aimed at, some of its chief purposes have been
frustrated by occasional associations.

The Approach, one only—Gates opening into a walled avenue cut through the area. Hence, no strangers near the building without
leave, nor without being surveyed from it as they pass, nor without being known to come on purpose. The gates, of open work, to
expose hostile mobs : On the other side of the road, a wall with a branch of the road behind, to shelter peaceable passengers from the fire
of the building. A mode of fortification like this, if practicable in a city, would have saved the London Prisons, and prevented the
unpopular accidents in St. George's fields.

The surrounding Wall, itself-surrounded by an open palisade, which serves as a fence to the grounds on the other side.—Except on
the side of the Approach no public path by that fence.—A Centinel's Walk between ; on which no one else can set foot, without forcing
the fence, and declaring himself a tresspasser at least, if not an enemy. To the four walls, four such walks flanking and crossing each
other at the ends.—Thus each Centinel has two to check him.

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