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3 Commers of Treasury with Bentham

for such considerations as are herein after mentioned, to
erect and adapt to the purpose aforesaid a Penitentiary House as aforesaid a building
of a new and peculiar nature of the invention invented by
of Samuel Bentham Knight of the military Order
of St George of Prussia and Brigadeer General in his
Imperial Majesty's service, Brother of the said
Jeremy Bentham and by him under the name characterized under
the name of a Panopticon or Inspection House
in and by means of which said Building any
number of persons may in as far as it shall be thought
proper to be kept under the inspection of any person or number
of persons in charge thereof during every moment
of their respective lives,
Now these presents witness
and the said Jeremy Bentham for himself his heirs
Executors and Administrators doth covenant promise
and agree to and with the said Lords Commissioners
as also the said Lords Commissioners for themselves and Successors to a on the part
of his Majesty his heirs and successors for themselves
and their successors in manner following viz:

Art. 1. The said Jeremy Bentham, for and in
consideration of the sum of twenty-seven thirty one thousand pounds to
be paid in manner herein after mentioned, with the addition and of such supplemental allowance as is herein also mentioned as also
in consideration of his being to be appointed Governor
of such Penitentiary House or Houses when built, with
such powers and allowances as are herein after mentioned with

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