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Commers of Treasury with Bentham

N.B. Invest the 12£ a year for maintenance of
each convict original as (after )

Art. 6. The said Jeremy Bentham and his
successors as abovementioned shall moreover be
respectively allowed to employ the Prisoners for their own benefit retain and apply to their ow own the proper <add>use the</add>
to to the the whole produce of their produce <add>of these the said Governor of and profit upon the labour of all & singular and profit</add>
labour, and the same to retain subject only to the prisoners so to be kept to labour under the direction
of them the said Governor subject only to
the allowances to be made to such Prisoners in manner
hereinafter mentioned.

7 Food of Prisoners Art. 7. Each Prisoner shall be supplied at least
twice a day every day with wholesome food, each
time with as much thereof as he shall choose: but
the quality in other respects is expressly reserved to
the choice of the said Jeremy Bentham and his said
Successors as a means of engaging the said Prisoners
without the spur of corporal severities to set their
hands to labour.

8 Cloathing N.B. & Clean Art.8. Each Prisoner is to shall be kept properly
cloathed, and to that purpose shall be supplied
at least once a year with a compleat suit of such
cloaths as shall be allotted, and with a clean
shirt at least twice in every week.

9 Bedding Art. 9. Each Prisoner shall be constantly supplied
with a separate bed and bedding of sufficient warmth,
and kept in a state of constant cleanliness, the clean sheeting
or blanketing being changed or washed supplied <add>to each at least once in every</add> month.

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