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the actual price and expenditure at the said later period as of the
fair or current price of the like articles at the said former period:
whereupon he the said Jeremy Bentham shall be entitled to the total
amount of the enhancement so proved, together with interest at
the rate of 5 per cent from the day of the delivery of such account to
the day on which the amount thereof shall have been received by
him. Provided that if any reduction of price shall within the
same period have taken place in respect of any other article or
articles so employed or consumed as aforesaid, he the said Jeremy
Bentham and his Representatives shall in like manner be
bound to render a like account of every such reduction at the same
periods respectively with every such account of alledged enhancement;
the amount of which reduction shall be deducted from the
amount of such enhancement as aforesaid: or if no such reduction
shall have taken place, then to make declaration to
that effect: and the ballance of such account of enhancement
and reduction shall constitute the supplemental allowance to
which the said Jeremy Bentham or his Representatives shall
be intitled as aforesaid. Provided also that if in respect thereof
any dispute should arise, the same shall be settled by two referees,
one to be appointed by each of the parties to these presents,
with power to choose an umpire.

Art. 4. And Whereas it may chance that at or after the
time when the said Jeremy Bentham shall be in readiness to receive
the said number of 1000 Convicts as aforesaid, there may
be more than 1000 of such Convicts, which under the powers of
the said Act might be committed to his charge, it is moreover
agreed that he the said Jeremy Bentham shall receive every
such supernumerary Convict on the same terms of L12 a year
per head as the hereinabovementioned original number of1000
4 New Consideration-money for Buildings & for Supernumeraries NB This article saves the public the expence of a fresh Building which must otherwise have been larger than necessary for the actual number at any given time, for fear of its proving too

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