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a head for a proportionable premium to be paid by the said
Lords Commissioners and their Successors as follows — A computation
shall be formed of the number of deaths that may
be expected to take place among the Prisoners in the course of
each year out of the said number of a thousand Prisoners living at
the commencement of such year , taking for the standard the annual proportion of the sum total of deaths at the end of a year
to that of persons living at the commencement of the said year,
according to the London Bills of Mortality , and the calculations
thereon grounded by the late Rev:d Dr Price : [+] [+] provided that in the first year's account in the computation of the deaths so to be expected according to the said Bills and calculations the whole number of deaths among persons of all ages shall be taken into account : but that in the account of every subsequent year , all ages under that of ten years shall be excluded. Such computation
being made , the said Jeremy Bentham and his Successors
shall at the end of each year be on the one hand be made
Creditors to the amount of £100 for every death which in the course
of the said year might according to such computation have been
expected to take place among the said Prisoners , and on the other
hand Debtors to the said amount of £100 for every death which
within the said period shall actually have taken place. As for
example , suppose the number of deaths expected to have taken
place at the end of the year to be to the number of persons
living at the commencement of the said year as 1 to 25 , this
for the said intended number of 1000 Prisoners will make 40
deaths : £4000 then will be the sum which the said intended
Governor will annually be made Creditor for upon the supposition
of his receiving the said number of 1000 Prisoners : and
as he will be made Debtor to the said amount of £100 for every
one which during the said period shall actually have died, it
follows that if 40 , as expected , shall have died, neither more nor
less, he will have nothing either to receive or to pay: if, instead of
40, 41, then he will have to pay to the amount of £100; if instead
of 40, 39, then he will have to receive to the said amount. But £4,000

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