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for one year) is not by any means a sufficient allowance for the
expence of building, fitting and stocking as aforesaid but only
a partial allowance towards the same the bulk of the expenditure
necessary for the same being accordingly made up
or to be made up by and out of the private fortune, or save by
the ingenuity of the said Jeremy and the said Samuel Bentham
or one of them And Wheras if such Buildings Improvements
and Stock were not to be the property of the said
intended Managers the encouragements necessary to induce them
to contribute by their own money to the improvement of the said
Establishment would be in great measure wanting, And
Whereas on the other hand the fee simple of the said piece of
ground will when purchased be according to the provision of
the said Statute vested in some Feoffee appointed for that purpose
by the King's Majesty his Heirs or Successors, which Feoffee
after the decease of the Survivor of the said Jeremy and Samuel
Bentham under the powers of the said Act might if some provision
were not herein and hereby made to the contrary take
possession of the whole Establishment and so occupy or dispose
of the same as to deprive the legal representatives of the said
Jeremy and the said Samuel Bentham of all benefits from
the said Buildings Improvements and Personal Estate—
Now therefore it is hereby declared and agreed that upon the
decease of the Survivor of the said Jeremy and the said Samuel
Bentham if there shall be any person duly appointed
by his Majesty as Feoffee to stand seized of the premisses
at and from the term of such decease then such Feoffee shall
stand seized of the said real Estate and possessed of the said
Stock and other personal Estate occupied with the same, in
trust to permit the same to be occupied and enjoyed by the
Devisee or Devisees of such Survivor as aforesaid and in

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