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peaceable possession of the piece of ground aforesaid, at his own expence
cause to be erected and adapted to the said purpose a Penitentiary House
upon the said Panopticon plan, of proper form and sufficient magnitude
for the confining maintaining and employing one thousand
Male Convicts at the least, together with a Chaplain, Surgeon, Taskmaster
or Schoolmaster and such other officers with their Subordinates as shall be found necessary to the said purpose in which
said building or in some Building or Buildings adjoining a
Chapel fit for the use of such Convicts Officers and Subordinates
as also a proper and sufficient Infirmary shall be included.

Art.2. 2 Consideration money to the Contractor — The said sum of £27,000 shall be paid at three
several instalments : to wit £10,000 thereof immediately upon the
signature of this Agreement; £10,000 thereof immediately upon
the signature of this agreement
: £10,000 within three calendar
months after this date: and the remaining £7000 so soon as
the said Buildings shall be in readiness for the reception of the said
number of Convicts, three weeks notice at the least having
been given of such readiness on the part of the said Jeremy
Bentham : such payments to be made clear of all deductions,
New together with interest at the rate of five per cent per annum
for every such day, if any, during which the same shall have
continued respectively in arrear.

Art.3. 3 New Supplemental allowance for encrease of prices by taxes &c since the Proposal — And Whereas the Proposal of the said Jeremy
Bentham which formed the basis of the present agreement,
and in which the said sum of £27,000 was required on the part
of the said Proposer for the purposes aforesaid , was delivered
in on or about the 17th of March 1793 Reasons new And Whereas since
that time the prices of divers articles necessary as materials
for the said intended Building as well as of divers articles — necessary

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