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supernumerary. Provided that such addition , after having been once
paid for any such supernumerary, shall not be paid for any other
such supernumerary, except in as far as the total number of
such supernumeraries, reckoning from the first, shall be encreased
by the reception of such latter supernumerary: as for example,
if two hundred supernumeraries be committed in the first instance,
and the number be afterwards reduced to one hundred, then the addition shall
not be paid in respect of any further supernumeraries which may
successively be added to the one hundred, untill the number of
supernumeraries be augmented again, so as to amount to two
hundred or
more than two hundred .

Art 5. 5 Contractor and his Representatives to be appointed Governors with allowance for maintenance of prisoners — Stat .7 July 1794 And Whereas in and by the said Statute of the 7th of
July 1794 it is enacted that "when the said Penitentiary House or
"Houses shall be erected in pursuance of , and according to, such
"contract or Contracts as therein and herein mentioned, or sooner
"if occasion shall require, it shall and may be lawful for his
"Majesty, His Heirs and Successors from time to time by an order
"in writing to be notified by the Pruncipal Secretary of State for
"the Home Department, to appoint one or more fit and discreet
"person or persons to be Governor or Governors of the said Penitentiary
"House or Houses, to continue in such office or offices respectively,
"for such time and under such conditions as his Majesty
"shall direct, who being so appointed thereunto shall have the
"care, management, superintendence and controul of the same
"and of all and every offender and offenders who shall be delivered into
"his or their custody , by the direction of his Majesty, his Heirs or Successors,
"under such powers directions limitations and restrictions as
"are contained in an Act made in the twenty fourth year of his
"present Majesty's reign Stat. 24 Geo 3., intituted An Act for the effectual Transportation
"of Felons and other Offenders and to authorise the removal
"of prisoners in certain cases , and for other purposes therein
"mentioned, or under such other directions, limitations and restrictions
"as his Majesty shall under the powers of the said Act
"from time to time appoint And Whereas in and by the said
"last mentioned Act power is given to his Majesty to direct the

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