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"the removal of any male offender under sentence of death but
"reprieved during pleasure or under sentence of transportation
"and appearing in manner therein mentioned fit so to be removed,
"to such place of confinement within England and Wales as his
"Majesty shall appoint under the management of any Overseer
"appointed by his Majesty whereupon it is therein moreover
"provided that every offender so removed shall continue in the
"place of confinement or be removed to and confined in any other
place , as his Majesty shall appoint , untill such offender shall be
"transported or by the expiration of his term shall be entitled to his
"liberty or untill his Majesty shall direct the return of such offender
"to the Goal from which he shall have been removed ; And Whereas it
"is therein also provided that after the removal of any offender under
"the same such Overseer shall during the term have the powers
incident to the office of Sheriff or Goaler , and be answerable for
"any escape of such offender , and also during such custody shall
"feed and cloth such offender and shall keep him to labour at such
"places and under such directions as his Majesty shall by order
"directed to such Overseer appoint" Now therefore it is further
agreed that in pursuance of the said Act of the 7th of July
1794 the said Lords Commissioners shall humbly recommend
to his Majesty that he would be graciously pleased to appoint the
said Jeremy Bentham to be Governor of the said hereby intended
Penitentiary House or Houses when erected , with their appurtenances
during his natural life with the same powers as
those which his Majesty is enabled under the above recited Act to give to such Overseer as
abovementioned in manner abovementioned , Remainder to
any Assignee or Assignees jointly or successively of the said
Jeremy Bentham for and during the natural life of him
the said Jeremy Bentham or for any term or terms determinable
upon his life, Remainder to the said Samuel Bentham. Remainder

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