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Art.8. 8 2 — Cloathing Each Prisoner shall be kept properly cloathed , and to
that purpose shall be supplied at least once a year with a compleat
suit of such cloaths as shall be allotted, and with a
clean shirt at least twice in every week.
Art.9. 9 3. Bedding Each Prisoner shall be constantly supplied with a
separate bed and bedding of sufficient warmth, and kept in a
state of constant cleanliness , clean sheeting or blanketing being
supplied to each at least once in every month.
Art.10. 10 4 Warming and lighting The Prison shall at all proper seasons and in
every part thereof be sufficiently warmed and lighted.
Art.11. 11 5. No Spiritous liquor No Prisoner shall be suffered to have access to
any kind of spiritous or fermented liquor , except in as far as
the same shall have been prescribed in the way of Medicine.
Art.12. 12 6 Religious instruction — A Chaplain, being a Clergyman of the Church of
England, shall be provided who in person or by occasional Deputy
shall be constantly living in the midst of the Prisoners,
and keeping the whole assemblage of them under his eye.
Art.13. 13 7 Medical assistance So in like manner a Surgeon under whose care a
sufficient quantity of all proper medicines shall be administered
Art.14. 14 8. Schooling — Schoolmasters in sufficient number shall be provided,
by whom instruction shall be administered , at least on Sundays,
during the intervals of meals and Divine Service, in reading
writing and arithmetic, to as many of the Prisoners as shall
be found to stand in need thereof.
Art.15. 15 9 Prisoner's share of earnings — Each Prisoner shall be allowed a share of his
earnings to the amount of not less than one fourth part of
the fair value thereof.
Art.16. 16 — Provision for old age A portion of such share (but unless with the
Prisoner's consent not greater than the half thereof) shall be
laid up to serve under the management of the said Jeremy Bentham

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