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Reasons continued as materials for the said intended Building as well as
of divers articles necessary for the maintenance of the said
establishment, the expence of which maintenance for
the first year was included in the said estimate of
£27,000, may by the circumstances of the times be found
to have undergone a considerable enhancement; in consequence whereof the effective power of the said proposed
partial allowance of £27,000 as well of the said Proposer's
private stock destined to have been added thereto is though
nominally the same, become in effect so much the less
and proportionably insufficient for the said intended purposes
And Whereas in praticular the price of bricks
hath within the said period undergone an enhancement
by means of a duty thereon imposed by Parliament,
to wit by an Act of the 28th of March 1794 Ch.15, as also
the price of Glass by an Act of the
1794 Ch. 37. — And Whereas the delay from whence such
encrease of charge hath accrued hath not happened through
any default on the part of the said Proposer Now therefore
it is hereby farther agreed that the said Jeremy
Bentham and his Representatives shall at any time
and so from time to time be at liberty to deliver in an
account of all or any such articles expended either in quality of materials used in the construction of the said Building
and its appurtenances, or in quality of provisions
or other necessaries for the Prisoners actually consumed within
the said year together with the times at which they were respectively
contracted for, accompanied with a comparative
statement of the prices at the two periods in question &
the amount of the enhancement upon each: such account
to be accompanied by proper vouchers for the proof as well of the

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