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of 1000 Prisoners will make 40 deaths: £4000 then will be
the sum which the said intended Governor will annually
be made Creditor for upon the supposition of his receiving
the said number of 1000 Prisoners: and as he will be made
Debtor to the said amount of £100 for every one which during
the said period shall actually have died, it follows that
if 40, as expected, shall have died, neither more nor less, he
will have nothing either to receive or to pay: if, instead of
40, 41, then he will have to pay to the amount of £100; if
instead of 40, 39, then he will have to receive to the said amount.
But £4000 for 1000 Prisoners is the same proportion
as £4 for 1 Prisoner: it follows therefore that according to
the above computation, £4 will be the premium for which such
intended Governor will be to be made Creditor on account
of any individual Prisoner on the day which delivered to his
charge, on condition of his being made Debtor to the amount
of £100 in the event of such Prisoner's dying in his custody
within the compass of a year reckoning from the said day:
and so in proportion for any term less than a year

Moreover in case of any dispute touching the amount of
such premium or the payment of the said eventual headmoney
of £100 according to the rate of calculation herein
above fixed, the same shall be settled by arbitration as above.

Art.19. 19 Governor to provide for Prisoners after discharge — To secure to each Prisoner being able to work an
honest and sufficient livelyhood at all times after the expiration
of his term, it is moreover agreed that, on the discharge
of every such Prisoner , or at any subsequent
period, the said intended Governor and his said Successors
shall on the application of such Prisoner (he being able to work)

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