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felonies, the sums payable on account thereof shall not in the
whole exceed the several utmost sums respectively above limited

Art 21. 21 Governor amenable summarily to Justice To keep the management of the said intended
Penitentiary Establishment the more constantly and effectually
under the eye of Justice, it is hereby also agreed that the said
first intended Governor and his said Successors shall on the
first day of every term by themselves respecttively or their
sufficient Deputy present to the Court of King's Bench a
Report, exhibiting in detail the whole state, moral and
medical of the establishment : together with the economical
state thereof, at least in so far as the Public on behalf of
the Prisoners is interested therein : and moreover that
they shall also by such Deputy or if thereto ordered or required by the Court in person, then and there, as well as on
any other day or days on summons from the Court or in
Vacation time from any Judge thereof, full, true, and perfect
answer make to all such questions as shall be put to them
in relation thereto, not only on the part of the Court or
Officer of the Crown, but by leave of the Court on the part of
any other person whatsoever.

Art. 22. 22 The profit upon the Stock to remain to the Representatives of the first Contracting Governor untill due satisfaction be made by the Public — And Whereas by a Report made to the
Honourable the House of Commons by a Committee of the
said House, and dated the twenty second day of March 1784
Reasons it appears that according to the first estimates made by
Mess:rs Blackburn and Hardwick Architects of the expence
of erecting Penitentiary Houses fit for the reception of 900
Prisoners according to the plan prescribed by the Statute
of the 19th of his Majesty Chapter 74, the same would have

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