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To all to whom these presents shall come greeting —

"Whereas in & by the Statute passed on the seventh day of July in the thirty fourth
"year of Our Lord One thousand seven hundred & ninety four & his Majesty's Reign the thirty-fourth
"intitled An Act for erecting a Penitentiary House or Houses for confining and employing Convicts,
"power is given to the Lord High Treasurer or the Commissioners of the Treasury for the time
"being to fix upon a proper spot of ground upon which shall be erected one or more Penitentiary
"House or Houses for the purpose of confining & employing in Hard Labour such Convicts as
"shall be removed thither by order of His Majesty his Heirs or Successors under the powers therein
"mentioned to wit either upon a certain piece or pieces or pieces of ground [therein and herein after described] situate lying and being at
at Battersea Rise in the Parish of Battersea in the County of Surrey and therein [particularly] "described"
"or upon any other [situated and circumstanced as therein mentioned] as convenient and proper spot of ground " which may be <add><hi rend='underline'>carefully</add> purchased
under the powers of the said Act , and which shall be situated within any
one of the respective Counties therein in that behalf referred to , as being in and by a Statute of the 19<hi rend='superscript'>th Year of his said Majestys reign for that purpose named and specified—</hi> to wit the Counties of Middlesex , Essex ,
Kent and Surrey</hi> "as + 19. Geo. 3. ch. 74 . . 5. also when such spot shall have been so fixed upon to appoint a
ffeoffee or ffeoffees to treat for the absolute purchase in fee simple of the same & to accept
"a conveyance thereof & from time to time to appoint others in the stead of those who shall
"die or resign And it is hereby enacted & declared that the inheritance in fee simple of such
"piece or pieces of ground with the appurtenances shall be vested in & that the same shall
be conveyed and assured to such ffeoffee or ffeoffees when so appointed to the use of such ffeoffee or
ffeoffees & his or their successors & the said ffeoffee or ffeoffees for the time being is and are
thereby made & declared to be a Corporation Sole or a Corporation Aggregate as the case
shall happen to be for the special purpose of being capable to take & hold in perpetual succession
"such piece or pieces of ground with all buildings & erections thereon & other the appurtenances
thereto belonging or to belong , for the use & purposes of the said Act" And whereas We the said
Commissioners, after due & deliberate consideration of the spot hereinafter particularly
described being a spot situated within one of the four Counties in that behalf abovementioned
to wit at Woolwich within the County of Kent, have deemed & determined the same
to be a proper & convenient spot for the purposes aforesaid , & moreover after due & deliberate
comparison thereof with the said spot at Battersea Rise have deemed and determined the said
spot at [Woolwich] to be not only as proper & convenient as the said spot at Battersea <add><hi rend='underline'>Rise
</add> but upon
the whole still more proper & convenient</hi> "Now know ye that for the accomplishment
"of the good purposes in & by the said Act declared & in pursuance of the powers therein & thereby
"to us committed it hath seemed good to us the Commissioners of his Majesty's Treasury
"to fix & we do accordingly by these presents fix upon" the spot of ground [+] [+] at Battersea Rise in the County of Surrey in the said Act and herein after particularly described at " [Woolwich]
as "herein after particularly described as the spot upon which shall be erected
the said Penitentiary House or Houses : namely upon"

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