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in perpetual succession such piece or pieces of ground with all buildings
and erections thereon and other the appurtenances thereto belonging or to
belong, for the use and purposes of
the said Act which said ffeoffee
or ffeoffees it is therein also provided shall and may be sue and be
sued by the name of the ffeoffee or ffeoffees of the Penitentiary House
or Penitentiary Houses in the Parish of

in the County of as the case may be, he or they
paying to the several prisons interested therein such sum and sums of
money as by
the said Act is directed to be paid for the same

Now know ye that for the accomplishment of the good purposes
in and by the said Act declared and in pursuance of the powers therein
and thereby to us committed it hath seemed good to us the Commissioners

---page break---
of his Majesty's Treasury to fix and we do accordingly by these presents
fix upon a certain the spot of Ground <add>at Battersea Rise in the County of Surry in the and</add> herein a far particularly discribed as the spot
upon which shall be erected the said Penitentiary House or Houses
which said spot is the same namely upon the spot the value whereof is in and by
the said Act mentioned as having + + p. 1220 upon on the tenth day of September
one thousand seven hundred and eighty two + by a Special Jud Jury
of the County of Surrey duly summoned and impanelled as therein mentioned been by the Verdict of the sd Jury // // p 1221 assessed
at the sum of six thousand six hundred pounds <add>+
and which in the
Verdict of the said Jury, as recited in and by the said Act recited, is described
as containing and consisting of the several pieces of ground or parcels
following that is to say ++ ++ p. 1220 All that piece or parcel of ground Garden
Ground, in the occupation of Henry Brown Brown &c

[Here copy on, ending with the words "Merchant belonging" in p. 1221 line 6th
from the bottom ]

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