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To all to whom these presents shall come greeting —

Whereas in and by the Statute of the seventh of July in
the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred & ninety four and
of his Majesty's reign the thirty-fourth intitled + + p.1219 An Act for erecting
a Penitentiary House or Houses for confining and employing Convicts
power is given to ++ ++.p.1222.l:7 the Commissioners of the treasury for the time being
to fix upon a proper spot of Ground upon which shall be erected
one or more Penitentiary House or Houses for the purpose
of confining and employing in Hard Labour such Convicts as
shall be removed thither by order of his Majesty his Heirs or
Successors under the powers therein mentioned to wit either upon a
certain piece or pieces of ground therein and herein after described
or upon any other as convenient and proper spot of ground situated
and circumstanced as therein mentioned , as also when such spot

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shall have been so fixed upon to appoint a ffeoffee or ffeoffees to treat
for the absolute purchase in fee simple of the same and to accept
a conveyance thereof in which ffeoffee or ffeoffees when so appointed
it is thereby enacted and declared that the inheritance in fee simple of
such piece or pieces of ground with the appurtenances shall be vested
and that the same shall be convey'd and assured to such ffeoffee or
ffeoffees to the use of such ffeoffee or ffeoffees and his or their successors
for ever to which intent the said ffeoffee or ffeoffees for the time being
is and are thereby made and declared to be a corporation sole or a
corporation aggregate as the case shall happen to be for the special
purpose of being capable to take and hold in petpetual succession
such piece or pieces of ground with all buildings and erections
thereon and other the appurtenances thereto belonging or to belong,
for the use and purposes of the said Act which said ffeoffee or

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