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County of Surry, and of all houses, outhouses, ways,
paths , passages, timber trees, woods, underwoods, waters,
watercourses, and all other rights, members,
and appurtenances, thereunto belonging; And
Moreover for the purpose of treating for the
purchase of the said spot as aforesaid, and
accepting a conveyance of the same in manner
aforesaid, and for the purpose of doing and executing all other Acts Matters and things to be done and executed according to the Said recited Statute by the Feoffee or Feoffees to be appointed as therein is mentioned it hath also seemed good to us to appoint,
and we do accordingly by these presents constitute &
appoint, Jeremy Bentham of Lincoln's Inn Esquire Barrister
at Law sole Ffeoffee for the several purposes aforesaid during the term of his
natural life and in such quality and capacity to
authorize and we do by these presents authorize the
said Jeremy Bentham to treat for the absolute
purchase in fee simple and to accept a conveyance
of the said piece or pieces of ground above
described and to take and hold the premises aforesaid
according to the said Act and for the
uses and purposes therein contained and declared
And accordingly to do all and every such act or and
acts matters & matters thing or & things as in and by the said Statute
a Ffeoffee so to be appointed is particularly
empowered or required to do or which for carrying the purposes
thereof into execution in that behalf shall by such
Ffeoffee be necessary or proper to be done according to the said Act. In
Witness whereof — I think this Drt is conformable to the late Act -- and I approve it as being so — How far the late Act and the Act 19 Gis 3-674 are meant in any and what to stand together and or can be both executed I presume is not submitted to my consideration <add>J Scott <add>2 May 1795</add></add> I have attentively perused this Draft, and think it in every part conformable to the Act of the last Sessions, and properly adapted, as far as the Appointment of a feoffee to accept a Conveyance of the Land in Question goes, to carry the Act into Execution W Lowndes <add>Inn: Temple Jany. 20 <add>1795</add></add>

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