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Prisoners lives — Reasons for insuring


for retaining against striking out the article respecting relative to the insuring of
the Loss of the Prisoners Lives

Principle will be found to concurr with precedent in the
recommend use of these othering it

1. and of principle:
This is not in The nature of things any does not afford other expedient
the possible means can be devoted of equal efficacy
for interest in the effecting that union of interest intimacy between interest and duty
the want of which has been the sole and most universally acknowledged
of the in and abuses which have been so provoked in prisons
Legal penalties can attach only upon flagrant cruelties
This preservative applies to expedient extends the same affords an equal specific acts:
against resulting from petty hardships rendered
upon the wounding — starving or wounding poisoning
to the killing or wounding men outright; they
do not protect them afford very little penalty against destructive habits; against the being killed by inches
or by neglect: worn out by want of rest or nourishment; poisoned by bad provisions or unwholesome water, or bad and pitions

1. By this means Prison the while the Governor gets a small annual premium
for every prisoner kept alive: paying a heavy
for every one who dies a heavy fine: and this without necessity reason
proof for proof of delinquency or possibility of evasion.

His The publicity which it is so much for the benefit of the service
his anxiety the intended first Governor is so anxious to establish, must expose his management of course be attended with
the personal inconvenience of exposing his management
to a proportionable multitude of complaints. Innocence
will protect him be a sufficient protection against specific charges: but the general
presumption of good treatment grounded on the
evident he will this have in efficiency
it will be of the greatest use to him as a
against vague imputations and superficial prejudices
and vague imputations — it will be a matter
of great no small use and comfort to him to have be provided with a short answer, such
as the provision in question and nothing else
as this and this only can enable him to give — They there [+]
can more than ill treatment without my being
can not suffer for their hardships without my suffering in
my person myself a sufferer by it.

If they were many die I am
sure to gain lose by it:
if few die I am sure
to gain by it: if many
die I am sure to lose
by it

[+] can be no ill treatment
there without my being
myself a sufferer by it

It employs applies to this purpose the united
powers of reward and
punishment, without
the expence of either the one
or the hardship of the other
and in the
at the same time that, so far as
if punishment with is concerned it produces
does the business its effect worthless
to such degree of certainty
and efficacy, that as
with which nothing that ever
goes by that name of
, and
administered as such
is considered as punishment
can ever boast of be attended with.
Punishment can never
be applied without
the clearest & most
specific proof

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