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II. In the ground of precedent

By the Slave Trade Act of the last Session, promises
are given as well to the Master as to the Surgeon
of Slave Ships with for the purpose of insuring the 34 Geo. 3. obs 80 ff 11 12: 7th July 1794
good treatment of the Slaves during the voyage: if no more deaths than
2, to the Master £100 to the Surgeon, £50:
if no more than three 3, to the Master £90, to the
Surgeon 25: and, thus though the trade is a trade, carried
on on the account of individuals, the allowance is
made by at the expence of Government.

The same principle has lately been applied by
Govern Administration and that with great of its own accord
applause to the very case of convicts, for the
purpose of ensuring the good treatment to them
during their voyage to the place of transportation

The date of Mr Benthams proposal of
which the ob whole in question forms a part, is
considerably prior to the application made of it
in both those instances. it universally approved and
then applauded in every other these instances it is would be matter
of no small surprise mortification to as well as chagrin to him to be to find it rejected in an instance in which at his own risk he has shewn so much anxiety to see it introduced. It be another instance of the Sic vos urbis, & surely rather an extraordinary one
instance, and ob
observe, that the only instances in which a backwardness
to adopt it has been expressed should be that in
which for the lasting prosperity of his own the establishment
in which it is so particularly interested, but at his own
risk, he has shewn himself so anxious so much anxiety to see it introduced.

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