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appeared that at the time of giving in the before the proposal
had been given in, the expense of the Hulk plan had been reduced
to £21,000: but the proper demand of the
£27,000 having been made, & acceded to, the reduction no notice came required
to be taken of the reduction, nor made no difference with regard to Mr Bentham's
treaty, nor was any notice ever taken of it. Had
the Hulk price been what on the public only documents the
public shewed it to be, the public Government would have
got a perpetual an annuity of £9000 a year
for nothing: to say nothing of the many the advantages to the public, most of them attended with correspondent burthens to Mr Bentham. aAs it was, they had £6000 to
pay for it this annuity of £9000:/£6000: (being the difference betwixt the £27,000 and the £21,000) such is the hardship to Government.
Suppose the annuity postponed for two
years instead of one, then notwithstanding the
bargain is still more advantageous to Government,
than if they it had obtained gratis an annuity to that the
same amount and but of that retarded commencement for nothing.

It was on that footing this latter basis that Mr Bentham
grounded his recent proposal for the lodging
of supernumeraries. "Give me for only two years
"what you are now giving to Mr Campbell
"viz £21 a man, for every subsequent year I
"will maintain them for ever after at my own for the standard
"price of £12." What then will does it cost government,
even for these two years, give them to Mr Bentham
rather than Mr Campbell? — not a penny. For
every year after the two years the saving here too is again
£9. Here then is an annuity of £9 for every convict obtained

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