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the above facts to be known established. But then they for this
purpose it would be necessary for him to call upon he does not very well see how [+] [+] in justice to his representatives he could avoid
ought to be either admitted on the part of Government
as desired
calling upon the persons in question to admitt
them or deny them, a very a troublesome and unpleasant business
on both sides, nor would it be a pleasant
reflection that those who were to come after him
should have so large a part of their capabilities
left to float upon contingencies.

situation for him to have to leave his representatives
with a burthen of such a weight hanging
over their heads.

Mr Ford will easily conceive, that the building
though the a considerable part, is nothing
nigh the whole of the expense at coming in. Fitting up &
furnishing, especially the apartments of the Officers,
Clerks &c who will be very numerous, stocking
the manufactories and the Hospital, Cloathing
(an article which must come heavy at first before
there are old cloaths to serve for working). All this
besides a new invented system of machinery, of a which
though not half compleated by a great deal for such a number has
already cost a great several thousand
pounds. So far therefore from being having been understood
that the £15,000 was all of it for the building, it
could not be any thing like true or ant is not true
nor any thing like true, Mr Campbell's charge
as appears from the Reports of the House of Common
was for several years at the rate of £78,000 instead
of [+]
[+] of the £27,000,
and that for several
years together.

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