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Mr Benthams reasons for inserting into the
Penitentiary Contract the clause binding him to
pay &c

1. That it would operate as a motive to the Governor
to attend to the moral and religious part of the plan of management.
In Future Governors the zeal in this respect could not
2. naturally be expected to be strong as in the author
of the institution, nor even in him at a late period
as at an early one.

2. That the prospect of this indemnity would operate
as an inducement to parties injured, especially among the poorer classes to come
forward in the character of prosecutors: that is, that
it would serve to sit in the scale against the many
and powerful considerations that tend to withold a man
from taking upon him that expensive, laborious and
unpleasant function.

Report of Committee
of the House of Commons
7 April 1799
Out of 900 Convicts
pardoned out of
the Hulks, not above
6 that D. Campbell
had heard
of had been accused
of fresh

3. That it would afford a species of security and
satisfaction to the public, to see such such strong powerful
measures taken expedients employed for strengthening the union between
interest and duty: and had to impress the public
with a favourable opinion of the views in which the which gave
and the birth to the constitution: more especially when
it came to be seen that the clause was not intended
to be a dead letter: which it certainly was not, to
it being not a fixt and persuading determination
in which neither Mr Bentham nor his Brother who
is to succeed him have ever wavered — not to wait
for an application, but to look take measures for
having all instances of the case where the payment in question becomes due
immediately certified to them, that payment may be
made accordingly.

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