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That your Memorialist having, received in
and by the aforesaid Notices, aforesaid received a fresh and more
public confirmation of the distinction Your
Lordships were pleased to testify some time up to testify express and manifest to the Committee
of the Honourable the House of Commons sitting
on the subject of Finance (as appears by a
letter of Mr Secretary Long printed in
the Appendix of the twenty-eighth Report of the
said Committee): viz: that of carrying the dispensation to carry into
execution, effect that Contract as soon as fit a Land the difficulties respecting the obtainment of Land can be removed
the difficulties respecting the procurement of ground for the purpose can be obtained, the Contract on can be removed, the Contract so many years depending between Your Lordships
and Your Memorialist, in such manner as Your
Lordships are authorized and required to do by the
said Act it seems incumbent in him to
submitt to the pleasure of Your Lordships
such course as appears to him proper to be taken
such further propositions relative to the obtainment
of such Ground
use his humble endeavours towards learning
do what depends upon him towards receiving receiving the further command of Your Lordships intimation
of the pleasure of the Your Lordships
concerning the course to be taken for that so deserv a purpose.

he finds feels himself under the necessity of thus addressing entreat upon thus to address at this conjuncture it seems necessary for him at this conjunction to humbly address himself to Your Lordships for the purpose of inference receiving such further of Your Lordships thus from as pleasure as he may Your Lordships may be pleased to signify be fortunate enough to obli
to address himself to Your Lordships in the humble hope of for the purpose of
learning the pleasure of Your Lordships pleasure concerning
in relation to the course now to be now taken for the accomplishment of so carrying of the aforesaid
desirable a purpose. distinction into effect

It is In this view that Your Memorialists have humbly to submitt to
Your Lordships the following propositions, viz:

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