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Thus whether or no it may shall be Yo the
pleasure of Your Lordships to approve of
both or either of the aforesaid propositions
This Memorialist, having been a severe sufferer
for these five years by the ill success of the in the humble hope and endeavour of
to put a period to the train of uncertain ideas and
disappointment, under which he has been labouring
for so many years and as a means of rendering any such provisional approbation as Your Lordships may be pleased to bestow in the choice of any particular spot conclusion final and effectual and in that view a and for the purpose of knowing before hand how far any such prima facie approbation as Your Lordships may be pleased may ever to be bestowed upon the of this or that any spot may be regarded as conclusive decisive, and such as he may be permitted to be warranted in rely on for his and support as a ground for his providing and exertions in relation thereunto thinks it incumbent
upon him: humbly to pray the decision
are the of Your Lordships in relation to
the several preliminary points following, viz:

1. Whether, in the case of any such lined as
Marsh Land / of which there are large tracts
without any Villa or considerable dwelling
House thereon or in the near vicinity thereof, on
both sides of the River between the Isle of Dogs
and Woolwich) if, it were in the opinion of such
Surveyors as aforesaid such land might be purchased,
without any the said intended Penitentiary House
erected thereon, without other detriment to the Proprietors,
other than what the case such purchase-money as might
be awarded by a Jury would make adequate compensation
for, and without affording any annoyance
to the inhabitants of any adjacent the nearest or any other Villa, Country House,
Town or Village it would be Your Lordships pleasure
to make use of the compulsion powers of compulsive
purchase given by the said Act, for the obtaining of such ground in the
principal part thereof.

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