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2 In case of a consent if any the part of the proprietor or
& it the greater part of it. The later question in regard to any small portion of land
which might be necessary to compleat the quantity
of 80 acres allotted by the existing Act

2. In case of the consent of on the part of the proprietor
or proprietors if the greater part portion of such spot
of 80 Acres (being the quantity allotted by the aforesaid
Act) or 3/4 or 7/8 is such other determinate portion as
Your Lordships may be pleased to fix upon for that
purpose, it would be your Lordships pleasure to
employ the said compulsions powers for the purchase
of the 1/4 or 1/8, or others sum remaining part. portion of such spot?

3. Whether, in case of amount in the part of the
proprietor or proprietors of the whole of such spot,
any opposition on the part of the [+] [+] any owner or occupier is any and what number of owners or occupiers
of lands adjacent, within any and what
distance from the immediate site of such intended
building (as for instance 1/4 of a mile, is such
other distance determinate as it may please your Lordships
to fix upon for that purpose) would be regarded
by your Lordships as sufficient to put a negative
upon the choice of such spot?

4. Whether in case your Lord of its not appearing
proper to your Lordships to employ any
such compulsive powers as aforesaid, it would
be the pleasure of your Lordships to m make use of the usual
enabling powers, as given by the said Act, such
as for example that which another Tenant part of the Neighbourhood, as aforesaid - in possession for life
of or in fact of Estates in Settlement, and Guardians
of Infants or Lunaticks, to make men for
such portion, and this in the two cases of the existence
and the non-existence of an opposition in the

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