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1823 Aug. 31.

On the Penitentiary. For Place

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They then be well to place
no sin of now and then after who slighted his truths order
sin of him who in truth wish the sin of Angels

those in whom the love
of Angels took so wrong
a course —
whose love of Angels
took so unhappy a turn

When thus an
are of such a sort that
they can not bear to see
them in their genuine
colours nor without a that
sect by which leaves
deformed. They are
not with this same notice
but with him, the hard by who shews
them what thing are shewn to to be what they are.

Complain not of radicals: the fault is in the themselves: not in
him by whom they are shewn to be what they are.

The consideration which in Mr Prullmans instance prostined
the suppression of the Panopticon system live well are
most of the mostly if not altogether at an end evaporated. George
the third is no more. Of his successors the disposition
towards that ruler gentleman and unjust queen opponent of royalty
can not reasonably be supposed to be of a very distinct
emphasis from those of his royal progenitors, that in
the present instance neither in the one part is this that cause. of personal
irritation antipathy nor persons that inflexibility and implacability to be found.: in the other
part to Mr Benthams the infusion of Mr Bentham name
reputation and influence of Mr Bentham name little addition
could be made by the adoption of an architectural invention idea
of which he was not the inventor added to a system of management
the in execution of which would he would have
no share.

The mortification of seeing the inventor of the means of
happiness deriving happiness from the application of them would
no longer among the objects of mens fears.

Sir Charles Leys reputation in the character of an
Arbiter would not have him lessened had could
he he have abstained from the application of it applying it to so ill affected a
subject, from lavishing bestowed on so un-promising a subject the
manner of his taste, not to speak of a subject so ill
much beneath regard in the public many of the people.

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