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1823 Aug. 31 On the Penitentiary for Place 2

H. of Commons
Committee line
got up
. Paid

The P Hillert Whatever is done by Government, inform has established
a notion that a colony might be found for it. A Committee
must be got up :- a Report must be made: and to form a ground for its the it something
in the shape of evidence must be procured. The Two branches of
evidence are bespoke and named.

One of them was Mr George Onesephus Paul. He
had fixt his eye on one of the three shares with Management.
His expectations were his : his disappointment not only
felt but as expressed it is said proportionably. (Unluckily if for his views)
We had determined it as a maxim truism in an affair of this the sort of
sort in question economy was a consideration circumstances quality object as object and of
all title to regard. The The in the thing had been wrongly
inferred as punitive. The Justiciary at Gloucester had been was the
the foundation of his future foundation on which he had built his title On viewing the the cheapest of the mattresses
[provided for the prisoners for them when it was to be
a place of punishment] an the observation of one whose notions
of economy agreed more with Mr Bentham's of a visitor was.
The assortment habitat would suit are well enough for the assistant
as conformable and the prospect pleasant: but the mattresses
are so of soft I could not sleep upon them: I should
ask for boards in preference. Boards are in fact the only
bedding employed in the Russe Empire, employed by
those rustiers whose condition state is in other respects in a state
of opulence.

Howsoever comfortable commodious in practice, waste does not
look well in theory. The Baronet was left to exemplify his
theory this theory of his upon a smaller scale.

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