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1823 Aug. 31

On the Particular For Place

whose humility spurnsscorns the supposition of error in itseld say
the possession of it others.

Among the obstructions by which the establishment of the only
Qu an for

rational system has been opposed not the least powerful is one which
has originated with the in a set of mine whose desires in me a really
the p purity of whose and principle a above good one are the in among the most ardent as well as
where to keep eyes for
one that, and to
than a crime

The money by which they were swayed the reason which in the
ups were unanswerable being of a sort not fit to be named more
by the same course exempt from being of grappled with
and In what - more Wherever the lending are attention come to argument are all regard for him
all regard
for proportion - proportion
place came and punishment
taken suffering
from crime and upon
of punishment for the suppression
of it - between
the profit reformable purity separated from
the punishment, and
the money expended
for the expectation of it
a like of dependency

the other side is regarded as a crime or what is worse a sin,
what claim may consideration of which derived the crime of from any consideration
of utility - discord from a ruler at upon a thing of so
little worth as human happiness can have any much

In their determination not to listen to any plan which
in respect should fall come short of which in their eyes was
perfection they united upon a plan function which began with
divesting it of all capability of being put carried into effect in position

Upon the most economical scale plan inp of beingfinding
employed acplain when the demand for pu and characters as
so irresistible, the dep of oblong the necessary supplymany
might perhaps would perhaps be a b . The By the indispensable
search for in question purity the abridge tis great for adoption
was doubled or trebled. For prevention of the forbidden contacts
the most uncommitted inspection, snded by equally
and universaly applied unspecific was not could not be most
sufficient. By one and the same pair of eyes one half of the
scene might be connected at all times by a glance:. and by a
turn of the head, the very most meant the other half: by No eyes but what are
ample in shape in
number of eyes.
In our it has
been said in manufacturer
nothing is more common
than this undis
wakefulness: in vain
would all be which possibility remained.

of the abode in and extent any such in the term
of the head head. Were this surely
sufficient it might be extended to any place of complaint without
exception. Oh no: the be into with
: they would be doing evil that would good might come.


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