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1823. August 31 Constitutional Code On Penitentiary For Place

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The hedge or the cuckow

Quere this case for

Of one preventive alone could the idea be endured. A hollow
For each individual a hollow cube of which the boundaries
were of stone, and that stone of such thickness that the parable
of Pyramus and Thisbe would agree on the sufficiency of it.

The expence of this remedy though it sufficed to render it inapplicable
would not for nothing could have sufficed for defending the sup
its advocates from insisting on it

A well known instrument a Spanish padlock
would have might have been endured with equal efficiency. But
the padlock might have called forth a smile: and the Stone
cell had no such inconvenience

Supposing the objection of expence got over overcome surmounted and the solitary
mansion uned, the severity purity which this inspection principle
afforded would after all would have rendered instance not be attained. After all
that could be done for the prevention of these scenes which modesty
forbids the mention of, these demands which delicacy forbids the
mention of would still remain irresistible. Upon what By what
ingenuity without opening the door to the intolerable evil could these
demands be satisfied. Suppose a plan appointed: and spite
of all difficulties objections appointed a plan must be. Can a door at the house
not an individual among so many hundreds not an individual by
when this plan would not have to be visited. Upon what possible impossible plan
could all these visits be settled, and not remain exposed to the inadmissible intolerable
and unattainable inconvenience? The whole of the day has time has taken
could it shortened by the whole number of persons say
600 and the quotient allotted to each: the quotient, within the and not that within in the compass of whose quotient would have to be

compass of which would be to be included journey to, journey from
together with as well the intermediate demurrage. But whatsoever might be
the space portion of time thus allotted by regulation, the necessity of a case such as this necessity is not
then obsequious. Matters altogether destructive of the persecuted under
might to any amount be real: a slight indisposition would suffice
to render them so. Moreover to another and greater
moment they might be, and in sufficient number, dly must afford by would be

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