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1823. August 31
Constitutional Code On Penitentiary For Place

(3) 5 Questions case for parity

Now suppose a mode necessity of this sort feigned falsely alleged what is to be done.

Is the allegation to be taken for true: down falls the whole security for
parity at once. arrived at the place the visitor finds in it another
occupant. Is Must proof of the truth of it to be required exacted: the inconvenience
has for five times to the merit had check of it will not
be regarded be equally as to the men which have to monitor it.
on each occasion how here is a trial to be heard: nor can there be any in this case any
such trial without more than in any other can there be trial without a judge. Think now of the judicial establishment
necessary for the number of trials that would be necessitated. It would
This flesh and blood scramble though but a collateral one would be still more expensive
than that which is [composed] of them.

After all were the quantity of strain put upon than made equal to that
of which it is in a pyramid still comes that this whole security and the Judicial Establishment provided security would
not be more secure than before. It would still have to rest upon inspection:
the elephant would have to stand upon a tortoise, and that
tortoise to support the weakness that insufficiency of which result by in virtue of the
fundamental have been acknowledged

Left to perform the pilgrimages without a guard the pilgrims
would infalibly be then necessarily meet: consigned accompanied each of them by
a guard guard must be proportionately . But For each
in office supposing the money could be fines for perjury then also
would be to be found. but surely if not all cost of any
cla but the most corruptible class: now what if upon the place
the guards themselves should be corrupted.

Even in the day time when all are supposed to be at
work engaged in their several ful and -money occupations
Is it so certain that the for preventing the intercourse inspection would
in even part of the building suffice? If so — in the one half of the
twenty four hours then why not in the other half if for the purpose
of such discourses discourse it were rendered equally light: used under
the reign of which give lights what should hinder it from being so? or pedalling have been

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