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1823. August 31
Constitutional Code On Penitentiary For Place

(7 Useless or too expensive

If they had but encrease with of what interest they could have
simple ever to object to those whose they keep of
for being put to shame by the proper conduct.

As to the perplexity in question either its extent is such
as Gentlemen suppose it to be, or it is not. If not the men
employed by them to combat it could be impressively extent; if yes they would be unavailing.

In comparison of those who are consigned to punishment
in this shape by acts of depredation the number of those who
are consigned by particular acts of all other description, put
together as of as willing no account. But liken the propensity eventual physical appetite in
question and the considerable appetite for the makers of wealth
or the indigence by which it is sharpens it where is the imaginable
connection? Why should it be stronger in the thousand, those kept situated
in confinement than in the millions of individuals in the low pecuniary
circumstances who are assume all the the pain put in to take from
them privity must be still be to be at ?

For the vain hope of diminishing impunity in the

the Take the this double code — suppose then
all left free do they suppose they would all practice it? If so
what does the end now when predicted of it?

Well then to what lesser number do they suppose that by the
different supposedly better means of privation over those which the Panopticon
principle of the practice would be confined.
Shall we say hundred a hundred two hundred
three hundred.

Well but which then plan is in preparation as the
to any other prison without the benefit of any such means of exclu
seclusion the same preparation is left . In these
the Panopticon principle with its ready has no
place. Had he the thing they call early
all efficacy as nothing. Then the while they are
lessening it the use upon a smaller scale by one measure
be it upon a much larger scale.

To one such when in a principle to turn a deaf ear to like argument
the most and unanswerable arguments in no more than the valuers

This will
the religion
then will shew how
adoring it is to good
purpose of real and
intelligible good.

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