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New South Wales

Note (a) to p.7. Chaplains, at one time, but a single on
Numbers of Chaplains — at one time, one; at another
two: Settlements, Stations at first but one; before
Captain Collins left the Other Colony five from five to ten: or five: each to judge appearance which from the map appearance at too great a distance from every other the rest, to send auditors to a congregation collected at any other: In In the shape answered to Captain Collins book, I observe about this number of separate stations without intending such small use. as, being to appearance such of those within two or three miles of another some other, may be supposed not too far distant for this purpose. Is Church
service necessary? Are the labours of the sacred function to be regarded as <add>an essential
article among the efficient causes of reformation? then the establishment of five at least <add>from four to

of the five stations was indefensible. Was that eight of these stations — — , or five or ten of every number above that of the Chap.
and continues to be indefensible.

Instead of being a necessary, is religious service a mere
unnecessary? luxury? then Cha no such Officer as a Chaplain
should have been sent out at all: unless it be a
Regimental Chaplain for the benefit of the Officers Military: But though unpaid
of the Military themselves, the distribution must have been regulated in some measure by that of the Convicts, that of the watchmen by that of the persons to be watched.

Of late, multitudes of rebel irish & malcontents have been
from Ireland have been sent to New South Wales: part of them, if not probably the
greater part, if not the whole must have been of the Catholic
Catholic persuasion. Among these, have there In the number of the persons thus
been Priests? the sent out in the same
footing? these have there been any Priests? If not It seems not unprobable: and if so
such be the , within so far all is right? so far as their stations <add>quarters may have been within distance of their
stations of their lay-companions — so far all may have been right. Have
there been no such Priests on that footing? of that number? Then surely
one Priest at least should have been sent out on
the same voluntary footing as the Clergymen of
the Church of England. If there be a difference,
it is in the Catholic branch of the Christian
Religion that of all branches of the Christian Religion
the Catholic is surely that in which the
services of a professional priest are most and strictly
indispensible. In Norfolk Island how is it? If there be a Clergyman now, there was
no such officer <add> not for : though already 1796 the 18th of
Oct. 1796 was 887. the late as on the 18th of Oct. 1796: (though at the time the number of inhabitants was already 887. Collins pp. 504, 508. 512. 497.
Quere 1. How many to be saved have 887 persons in Norfolk Island than the same number in New South Wales or Great Britain?
Quere 2. If out of 4848 persons priestly service be needless to 887 taken at random, what need of it for the rest? In Jan 7 1792, a Minister of religion (the Chaplain of the New South Wales ) paid a visit to that spot. It was for this first time visit of the kind - a excursion the first of spontaneous zeal, and not of any particle of attention that was ever found to the subject by the Arch-reformers here at home. [Collins p. 194

But, to judge from the whole tenor of Capt Collins journal, as well as from the nature of the case, the truth is that so far as the Convicts
were concerned, the real service which it was in the power of
those Clergymen thereby those of the men of the sacred function — of any <add>person or in any member — to render to these poor wretches
was in all places alike: presence or absence — existence
or non-existence — made no difference sort of difference.

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